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'Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition' gains Sagat and newcomer G

A fiery president and a reclusive king approach.

The roster for Street Fighter V's Arcade Edition will today gain two new fighters. An announcement on PlayStation Blog confirmed that both series icon Sagat and mysterious newcomer G -- who were first revealed for Street Fighter V's third season during the 2017 Capcom Cup -- are joining the fray.

G, the self-described 'President of the World', intimidates rivals by increasing his 'Presidentiality' levels. Once at level 3, G can unlock an explosive selection of special moves which include quick, lunging punches (G Smash Under) and molten projectiles (G Burst). His V-Skill -- G Barrier -- is a powerful force field that can catapult anyone unfortunate enough to be standing in his way into the air.

Sagat, who sheds his former boss role, offers a less ostentatious lineup of moves but doesn't dare ignore that classic muay thai luster. Crouching opponents will have difficulty evading Sagat's Grand Tiger Shot, while Tiger Knee Crush lets Sagat lunge towards competitors at lightning speeds. Fans expecting authenticity with Sagat's V-Skill won't be disappointed, either, as the troubled king still grips his battle scar to access Angry Charge. A reimagined version of Sagat's Street Fighter II stage complete with the reclining Buddha is also available now for maximum nostalgia value.

Although G and Sagat are part of the Season 3 Character Pass -- which is normally available for $29.99 -- players can also purchase the duo individually for $5.99, or hand over 100,000 Fight Money.

Street Fighter V's fighting roster has enjoyed considerable expansion since the game launched in 2016. Each new season has brought on six additional characters, including Final Fight's burly bruiser Abigail, who debuted at last year's EVO championship.