Amazon cuts Whole Foods pickup time to 30 minutes

For when you need to pick up organic food posthaste.

It's not quite as efficient as a drive-through, but Amazon's Whole Foods delivery service is well on its way there. Today, the e-commerce company announced that Prime Now subscribers in the US will be able to collect their groceries from Whole Foods within a 30 minute timespan, without ever leaving their vehicle.

The initiative, called grocery pickup, is starting off in Sacramento and Virginia Beach before it rolls out to more cities throughout 2018. It will allow customers to pre-order bakery items, organic produce and other fresh foods from the Prime Now app, and fetch their purchase directy from a reserved parking space at their nearest Whole Foods. Unlike the 60 minute pickup option -- which is free so long as a $35 minimum order is placed -- the speedier, 30 minute grocery pickup does attract a fee of $4.99.

If you're not partial to ordering groceries through a touch screen, there's always Alexa. Amazon has just revealed you'll be able to boss around its virtual assistant with requests like "Alexa, add eggs to my Whole Foods cart" instead of writing things down on a shopping list.