Verizon bundles Unlimited plans with six months of Apple Music

You'll have to pay for the subscription after six months, though.

Verizon has added a new perk to its unlimited plans, and it's thankfully a straightforward one that won't make the carrier's rather complex choices and tiers even more confusing. Starting on August 16th, you'll get six months of free access to Apple Music with an unlimited plan. Even better, it doesn't sound like an add-on simply meant to attract new subscribers, because you can sign up for the freebie whether you apply for a new unlimited line or whether you already have one.

This deal seems to be Verizon's answer to some of its rivals' music streaming perks. Sprint has been giving away free Tidal subscriptions for quite a while now, and years before its partnership with Jay-Z's company, it used to bundle plans with Spotify premium. If you choose to take advantage of the free Apple Music offer, you'll be able to access your account on any of your devices -- it won't be locked to your Verizon phone. You can also stream music either via WiFi or 4G, though it's unclear if you'll get a reduction in quality if you stream too much music on mobile data. Verizon will post more details about the offer and how to sign up for it on its website on August 16th.