Alexa's intercom-like announcements arrive on Sonos One and Beam

Just add the company's Alexa-powered speakers to your home network.

One of the more useful features of Amazon's Alexa voice assistant is the ability to create custom recordings and use them as announcements for your entire network of Alexa-enabled connected speakers. Now, Sonos is getting the feature, too: announcements are coming to Sonos One and Sonos Beam.

Creating announcements is easy; simply say "Alexa, announce" and then speak (or sing!) your announcement. Other commands like "Alexa, broadcast" and "Alexa, tell everyone" can also be used. Once you create the announcement, you'll hear a short chime, after which the recording will play across all of your Alexa-powered household devices, now including the two Sonos devices as well. If you don't want certain devices to get announcements, you can set it to Do Not Disturb, or turn off the feature in the Settings for each individual device via the Alexa app.