Google may bring Windows 10 support to multiple Chromebooks

It wouldn't just be for Pixelbook owners.

You might not have to splurge on a Pixelbook if you're pining after a Chromebook with Windows 10 support. XDA-Developers has learned through source code that Campfire, the feature that would let Chrome OS dual-boot Windows 10, would be available in multiple "variants" -- that is, on more than one Chrome OS device. This wouldn't mean that any and all Google-powered PCs would have the option. Hardware makers would have to verify that Windows worked properly, and it'd be out of the question for the many Chrome machines that only have a small amount of flash storage. Recent code comments suggest you'd need at least 40GB of space, and many Chromebooks have 32GB or less.

The good news: you might not need to jump through hoops to turn it on. You wouldn't need to enable Developer Mode (and thus compromise your PC's security) or flash your firmware. There are also hints that you could use a simple command to invoke the new mode.

Whether or not the technology will be ready soon remains up in the air. While Google is expected to have its now customary hardware event in the coming weeks, it's not certain that Campfire is close enough to completion that the company would want to show it off. Windows 10 booting on multiple Chromebooks would represent a major shift in strategy for Google if and when it does show up, though. While Google often touts Chrome OS as a simpler and more secure computing experience, Campfire could represent a concession to those who need Windows but still crave a Chrome OS device.