NBA esports league adds four teams to its 2019 season

The LA Lakers are among the bigger additions.

New teams are signing up for the NBA 2K League's second season before the inaugural run has even finished. The esports organization is adding the Atlanta Hawks, Brooklyn Nets, LA Lakers and Minnesota Timberwolves to its 2019 season, boosting the total count to 21. You'll need to wait for the draft to see who plays on the basketball teams' behalf, but it's safe to presume they'll once again be chosen from a pool of qualifying players.

The news comes just ahead of the playoffs (starting August 17th) and may be particularly appropriate for Lakers fans -- they'll have a 2K League team just in time for LeBron James to join the digital ranks. It's also a sign of the NBA's confidence in its fledgling esports initiative. There's clearly enough demand for watching virtual hoops that the Association isn't waiting to see the finals before committing to an expansion.