OneDrive makes it easier to backup your desktop clutter

Choose auto backups for desktop, picture and document folders.

Microsoft rolled out a new OneDrive folder protection feature to its business users in June -- now it's available to regular users, too. The feature lets you choose which folders you want to automatically back up to Microsoft's cloud service -- desktop, pictures or documents -- and it'll keep this activity in sync across multiple Windows 10 PCs, which is handy if you're a fan of downloading files to your desktop.

To enable to feature go to OneDrive settings on Windows 10, choose the Auto Save tab and select the "update folders" button under "protect your important folders", then choose which folders you want to be backed up. Then you can rest easy in the knowledge that your stuff is protected. It's a pretty basic feature, really, and one many will be surprised wasn't already part of OneDrive, but better it arrives sooner than later.