Google refines search to automatically show relevant subtopics

It should roll out to users in the next few days.

Google periodically refines its search functionality to provide better -- or more necessary -- information. If you use it to look something up now, you'll see something new: A panel with basic details and a slew of subtopics contextually relevant to your inquiry. If you don't see it immediately, don't worry, as the improved search is expected to roll out in the next few days.

A Google Search product manager provided an example in a post on the new functionality. Say you're looking into the difference between quartz and granite: The panel will include subtopics like cost, benefits, weight and durability to help you compare. Click on any of these and they'll expand with links to relevant information. In effect, Google is automatically slotting in answers to what its search engine assumes are follow-up questions germane to the inquiry.