Giphy's redesigned homepage puts GIF Stories in the spotlight

It's not just a raw collection of animations.

Giphy has been growing beyond its roots as a GIF warehouse, but you wouldn't know that if you've looked at the wave of largely unrelated animations on its home page in the past few years. The company is addressing that today by launching a redesigned home page that provides more of an editorial bent. You'll still see trending GIFs, but the front portal now focuses on curated, shareable Stories that revolve around common themes, whether it's awards shows or celebrity reactions. If you want a glimpse of the GIF zeitgeist, you won't have to go far.

The company hasn't forgotten that you still want to track down specific GIFs. The revamped site promises a more intuitive interface for finding related GIFs, a real-time trending carousel and "more design features" arriving between now and early in the fourth quarter.

Only the web version of the page is available now, but you'll see this new look within Giphy's GIF Search app in the near future. Aspiring Story creators will have to wait longer, though. Giphy itself is your primary source for Story collections -- artists and partners will have to sit tight until sometime toward the end of this quarter (no later than September) before they can make their own Stories.