Giphy's latest app is exclusively for animated stickers

For when a smiley, GIF, filter, selfie or meme just won't cut it.


When is a GIF not a GIF? Well, when it's pronounced JIF, for one; but also, when it's actually a sticker. Blurring this boundary is lord of the looping image Giphy, which recently introduced a neat, educational set of signing GIFs -- or a new toolkit for creating complex reaction memes, depending on how you look at it. Getting back to tomfoolery, the company is launching Giphy Stickers today.

Giphy Stickers isn't an entirely new app. Instead of wading into uncharted waters alone, Giphy has acquired existing iOS, Android and iMessage app Imoji, animated its entire sticker library, added a bunch of new ones, and updated the in-app creation feature so you can make your own, moving stickers. Oh, and rebranded the thing to Giphy Stickers, of course.

These GIF/emoji hybrids won't just be available to liven up your group chats or social posts on smartphones. All will also feature in a new channel on Giphy's regular homepage and are intended, as the company puts it, "to help you communicate all your feels, even when you can't put them into words."