‘Minecraft: Education Edition’ arrives on iPad in September

Microsoft says over 35 million people have licensed the game.

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Minecraft: Education Edition is heading to the iPad and educators will have access to it starting next month. The education version of the game launched in 2016 and Microsoft says there are now 35 million licensed users in 115 countries. "Minecraft: Education Edition on iPad unlocks new and intuitive ways of collaborating and sharing and has revolutionized the way our students and teachers explore curriculum and projects," Kyriakos Koursaris, head of education technology for PaRK International School, said in a statement. "The features allow for deep and meaningful learning, and the values it promotes, from inclusivity to 21st century skills, empower everyone to use technology with extraordinary results," said Koursaris.

Minecraft: Education Edition for iPad will be available in September and comes with a Microsoft 365 for Education license. Educators without Microsoft 365 for Education can find out how to license the game here.

In its announcement today, Microsoft also said that the Chemistry Resource Pack developed for Minecraft: Education Edition will now be available to users playing Minecraft on Windows 10 PC and Xbox. It lets players create elements, combine them into compounds, build periodic tables and create items like balloons, sparklers and underwater torches using chemistry.

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