Sony's smart light is now compatible with Google Assistant

It's still only available in Japan, though.

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Back in 2016, Sony introduced a new smart light that had humidity, motion, luminance and temperature detectors, along with an infrared controller, memory card slot, microphone and speaker. It really was the light that could do it all, and it's very customizable, meaning you can program it to do pretty much whatever you want it to. Since then, Sony has announced more integrations for the Multifunctional Light. Now, the company has announced that it's compatible with Google Assistant. The updates will start rolling out tomorrow, August 22nd.

Once the integration is live, you'll be able to control select operations of the Multifunction Light with your voice. You will be able to turn on lights, adjust brightness and lighting color and more. The light is currently compatible with Amazon's Alexa, thanks to a May update.

Unfortunately, the Multifunction Light is still only available in Japan, which is a shame. The amount of stuff you can program this smart light to do, from act as a motion detector to using it as a room-to-room intercom, is pretty incredible. Let's hope that the product makes its way to the US and Europe soon.

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