Giphy will host a film festival for 18-second movies in NYC

It will be held on November 8th.

Because there isn't already enough original content out there, a new player is entering the film festival scene. Giphy has announced The Giphy Film Fest, which will feature looped films that are just 18 seconds long.

"We believe audiovisual storytelling does not have to be feature-length or even short length. We believe you can tell a compelling, creative, entertaining, professional-grade story in only 18 seconds or less," the organizers say on the festival's website. The festival will take place on November 8th in New York City.

If you're interested in submitting a film, Giphy is accepting them through September 27th. The grand prize winner will receive $10,000, a five-year subscription to the website builder Squarespace (which is sponsoring the event) and the chance to curate a guest playlist an official Spotify playlist.

Update, 1:00 PM ET: This article was updated to reflect that SquareSpace is a sponsor of the Giphy Film Fest.