Google's Datally offers two more ways to manage your data use

Users can bank emergency data and turn off usage while they sleep.

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Mallory Locklear
August 23, 2018 12:42 PM

Google has added two more useful features to its Datally data-managing app. The first is emergency bank, a way to portion off some of your data and save it for when you might need it most. Just enter your balance and how much you'd like to reserve, then Datally will prevent your apps from using data once the emergency amount is all that's left. That data will then be available for whenever you decide you need it.

The second new feature is called Bedtime mode and it keeps your phone from using data overnight. Google said in a blog post that phone apps often pull data at night when you don't need them to, and with this feature, you can keep them from doing so. To use it, enter your bedtime and wake up time, and Datally will turn off data usage in between.

This is just the latest update introducing new functionality aimed at keeping data use in check. In June, Google added a guest mode, daily data usage limits, a way to suss out and delete unused apps and a WiFi network map.

Emergency bank and Bedtime mode are available starting today.

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Google's Datally offers two more ways to manage your data use