Ariana Grande's Snapchat lens lets fans try on album merch

Snapchat has released its Ariana Grande collaboration.

If you're an Arianator, you'll probably like Snapchat's newest selfie Lens a lot more than the recent ones the app launched, including those Lenses that react to sound and your voice. The company has teamed up with Ariana Grande to give you a way to try on new merchandise tied to her newly released album Sweetener, which you can also buy straight from within the app. Starting today, you'll be able to try on a Sweetener-branded tied-dyed face mask via a Lens.

If you like the colorful look it gives you, simply tap the Shop button that shows up while you're trying it on. That will take you to a shopping experience, where you can purchase the actual item for $20. A bit steep for a mask, but that will come with presale ticket access to Ariane's 2019 tour. If you're in the US, you'll also get a link to download the album. (Update: However, that album won't come free -- you're just getting a link for easy download.)

This collab probably won't be enough for Snapchat to recoup the 3 million daily users it lost in the second quarter of 2018. Ariana is definitely a big name, though, and we'll bet her fans would love the partnership, especially since you can access the shoppable Lens wherever you are in the world. If you can't find the icon with the mask and music note in the Lens carousel, you can also scan the Snapcode below.

[Image credit: Snapchat]