Google Assistant comes to LG ThinQ TVs in the UK and Canada

Amazon Alexa support is also coming to Australia and Canada.

LG's deep collaboration with Google continues, as it just announced that Google Assistant is coming to ThinQ smart TVs in seven more markets and five languages. It's now available in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom, with support coming by the end of 2018 to France, Germany, South Korea and Spain. LG will also expand Amazon Alexa support to Australia and Canada. Google Assistant first arrived to ThinQ AI TVs in the US earlier this year.

Google Assistant on LG ThinQ TVs lets you control smart lights, appliances, robotic vacuums and other home devices, check the weather, make a restaurant reservation and more. You can also shout at the TV (via the "mic" button on the remote) or Google Home devices to pause ThinQ TV programming, change channels, lower the volume, etc.

Google Home support for ThinQ TVs works now in Canada, Australia and the UK, and non-English language support for France, Spain, South Korea and Germany will arrive by the end of 2018. Alexa is currently only available in the US and UK, so the expansion to Canada and Australia (LG didn't say exactly when) is good news. Some of LG's models with ThinQ (in the US) include the Signature W8, C8, E8 and B8 OLED lineup, and SK9500, SK9000 and SK8000 Super UHD TVs.