Hackers gain access to millions of T-Mobile customer details

The company says no financial data was compromised.

T-Mobile has fallen foul of yet another cybersecurity issue. In a statement released this week the company said that an unauthorized entry into its network may have given hackers access to customer records, including billing ZIP codes, phone numbers, email addresses and account numbers. According to T-Mobile, the intrusion was quickly shut down, and no financial data, social security numbers or passwords were compromised.

Some three percent of T-Mobile's 77 million customers -- around 2.5 million people -- are estimated to have been affected by the incident, which the company has been unable to explain beyond the assumption the activity was "intentional". This isn't the first time T-Mobile's cybersecurity practices have come under the spotlight. Back in May a researcher discovered a bug on the company's website that allowed anyone to access subscribers' personal details. A spokesperson said that customers affected by the recent attack will be notified soon.