'Streets of Rage 4' revives Sega's beat 'em up classic

Expect a lot of punching and chicken dinners.

Streets of Rage has received ports to other platforms, but a true sequel? Not since 1994. You're in for a treat if you miss Sega's classic left-to-right broawler, though. Lizardcube, Guard Crush Games and Dotemu have unveiled Streets of Rage 4, a proper sequel with updated mechanics, a "fresh story" and, naturally, plenty of thugs to thrash. The developers are saying precious little beyond that, but you can play two-player co-op (as either Axel Stone or Blaze Fielding) -- and it's evident the art has taken a big step forward thanks to 24 years of technological progress.

As for release dates or platforms? Those are a mystery, too. You might not see the game for a while as a result. We would note that Lizardcube had a lot of success with the Switch version of its Wonder Boy update. It seems like as good a bet as any that Streets will make its way to Nintendo's platform at some point.