Microsoft OneDrive will use AI to make searchable video transcripts

It'll also recommend files based on your work habits.


You've probably had that moment where you wanted to track down an important piece of information from a video, but weren't sure when it was said. If so, Microsoft wants to come to your aid -- it's introducing media searching in OneDrive (and SharePoint, for that matter) that uses AI to transcribe audio and video. The feature will show you timestamped quotes alongside the media viewer itself, with a handy search box helping you track down that elusive phrase.

The company is also promising a file view for both OneDrive and the home page that will recommend relevant files based on your work habits, including who you work with and activity on files shared with you through Microsoft 365. You'll receive intelligent sharing prompts as well. If you took photos during a meeting, for instance, the OneDrive mobile app will ask you about sharing those with others who were scheduled to attend the meeting.

The transcription combined with OneDrive's AI-based photo searching might give Microsoft an advantage, particularly in the working world. While AI image searching isn't new, the addition of transcripting theoretically makes it easy to search all kinds of media based on its content, not just file names.