Microsoft 365 is yet another stab at attracting IT love

It's an easy way for IT departments to jump into Microsoft's ecosystem.

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Microsoft has a new pitch for businesses: Microsoft 365. It's a single offering that combines Windows 10, Office 365 and the company's Enterprise Mobility + Security package into something IT departments can easily subscribe to and deploy. Announced today at the company's Inspire partner conference, Microsoft 365 is basically just a catchier name for its "Secure Productive Enterprise," but there's more of an emphasis on companies of all sizes. It'll be available in two variants: Microsoft 365 Enterprise, which covers larger organizations, and Business, which is meant for small to mid-sized firms.

At its most basic level, Microsoft 365 serves to unify everything the software giant is offering to businesses. In particular, the company says it's a response to customers who want a "comprehensive approach to secure productivity," instead of looking at things like managing devices, security and Office apps as separate problems. At this point, it's a small gesture by Microsoft, but it could help to convince stubborn IT departments that it's worth going all-in with the company's services.

Microsoft 365 Business will be available for preview on August 2nd, while the Enterprise edition will be on sale starting on August 1st.

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