Square finally has a Lightning card reader for newer iPhones

You can take payments on Chromebooks and Macs.

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If you have a newer iPhone, it's been a pain to take payments from magstripe cards using a Square reader -- without a native headphone jack, you've had to plug in a dongle and hold it steady while you serve a customer. Isn't Square overdue for a more iPhone-friendly version? Thankfully, it's here. You now have the option of a magstripe reader with a Lightning connection instead of the usual 3.5mm plug. There's nothing new apart from the port compatibility, but the identical $10 price makes it an easy choice if you run an iPhone-centric shop.

But what if you'd rather take cards using a computer at the front desk? You're covered there, too. Square has enabled support for its magstripe-based reader on Chromebooks and macOS computers. Plug into the computer's headphone jack and the web-based Virtual Terminal will take card swipes without making you pull out a mobile device. While this won't help with chip or tap-to-pay purchases, it beats having to set up a phone or tablet just for old-school credit and debit purchases.

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