Skype's podcast-friendly call recording is now available

You'll have to wait a while if you're on Windows 10.

The Skype team is acting on its promise to make life easier for podcasters and other content creators. Call recording is now available in the latest version of Skype except for Windows 10, which will see an upgrade in the "coming weeks." The clips you record will live in the cloud for 30 days -- you can forward them to others or save them for posterity.

Not surprisingly, the Skype crew is eager to avoid any legal trouble in areas where recording demands mutual consent. Everyone involved in a call will know when you start recording, and the app encourages you to tell other participants if they aren't already aware.

The feature might not matter so much if you just want to remember what your friends said in an ordinary conversation, but this could be helpful to virtually anyone who wants to broadcast conversations. Many of them use Skype, but they often have to run separate recording apps (or even a separate device) just to ensure they have a hard copy. This puts much of what they need in a single app.