Garmin adds Deezer to its music-playing fitness watches

It might be your best option for a running soundtrack.

Cherlynn Low/Engadget

To date, Garmin's music-capable fitness watches have had access to iHeartRadio and... that's about it. You're about to get some much-needed variety, though, as Deezer's music service has finally arrived on Garmin fitness wearables after months of promises. You can store more than 100 tunes on your wrist and sync playlists (including curated workout playlists) like you might with other services on smartwatches, but the ace up Garmin's sleeve may be Deezer's Flow feature. While the mix of favorites and recommendations isn't that special on your phone or PC, it gives you a fresh mix every day -- important when you'd rather not repeat your gym soundtrack.

The feature is available through a Deezer app in Garmin's Connect IQ store, although you'll need both a music-ready device (the Fenix 5 Plus series, Forerunner 645 Music or Vivoactive 3 Music) and a $10 per month Deezer subscription to check it out. This isn't going to satisfy you if you're a Spotify or Apple Music listener who wants Garmin's fitness tracking, but it could be worth a try if you're already sold on the hardware. There's a three-month free trial for new Deezer users, so it might not hurt to check this out the next time you're going for a run.