'PUBG’ launch on Xbox brings Sanhok map, but no War Mode

The shrunken-zone mode is relegated to weekends and special events.

Bluehole celebrated the full launch of PUBG 1.0 out of its preview phase on Xbox One by adding the small map Sanhok, which debuted on PC back in June, and a special Event Pass. Unfortunately, players will have to wait for War Mode, which will only be available on certain weekends and for special events, starting in mid-September.

Everyone gets access to a basic Standard Event Pass, featuring rewards for completing missions. The $10 Premium Pass (or 1,000 in-game G-Coins) provides more opportunities to snag cool gear, and if you buy it late, you'll retroactively get the bonus loot for levels you've hit. There are also Sanhok-exclusive missions only available to Premium Pass holders. Owners of the Xbox version will also be able to buy item bundles like the Starter Pack and Sanhok Pack, as well as a version that combines the latter with the base game to get new players up to speed.