Twitter is keeping 500,000 bots from logging in every day

It’s also challenging up to 10 million suspicious accounts per week.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is currently testifying before the House Energy and Commerce Committee and in response to questions from Representatives Kathy Castor (D-FL) and Gene Green (D-TX) about bots, Dorsey said that the platform is keeping around 500,000 bot accounts from logging in every day. He also reiterated that every week, Twitter's systems are challenging between eight and ten million accounts that are suspected of misusing automation or disseminating spam.

Dorsey noted these numbers in his opening statement, attributing the efforts to Twitter's automatic detection systems. He told Representative Green that bots were a "complicated issue" but one that Twitter is taking head on. Its systems are geared towards recognizing certain behaviors and patterns that might denote automation as well as an account's intention of action, like artificially amplifying information. Dorsey said that Twitter's systems are now catching more than three times as many suspicious accounts and thwarting twice as many suspicious logins than they were a year ago.