British Airways website hack exposed customer financial data

Customers who made bookings on their site or app in the last two weeks were affected.

While we've gotten used to regular data breaches, it's been awhile since news of one hit the airline industry. But customers who booked flights on British Airways' website or app between 22:58 BST on August 21st and 21:45 BST on September 5th had their personal and financial data compromised due to a cybersecurity breach. The company's post announcing the event unwaveringly stated that anyone who made a booking in that time frame had their information stolen.

No passport or travel details were stolen, but the post recommended those were affected call their banks and reset the password for their British Airways website account. The company hasn't released any other details about the breach yet, but like most of these events, we'll probably learn much more as the airline's investigation unfolds. For now, British Airways states that its website is "working normally so future bookings will not be affected," per its post.