Logitech's Crayon for iPad is available to everyone September 12th

Look for the pen on shelves in Apple's stores.

Logitech's Crayon was a dream for 2018 iPad owners who wanted stylus input without paying a premium for Apple's Pencil, but there was a catch: the schools-only focus ruled it out for anyone besides students. You won't be shut out for much longer, though, as Logitech is making the Crayon available through Apple's retail stores on September 12th. It won't be as much of a bargain, unfortunately -- it'll cost $70 for everyday users instead of the $50 for schools -- but it could be a better choice if that extra $30 for a Pencil seems unnecessary.

And in some cases, it might represent the better bargain. The Crayon uses the same palm- and tilt-aware technology as the Pencil, but drops pressure sensitivity. It should be fine for handwritten notes and basic sketches -- you just won't want to produce elaborate artwork. Its shorter seven-hour battery life also rules it out for prolonged drawing sessions. The aluminum-and-rubber design is rugged enough to survive four-foot drops, however, and you might prefer its female Lightning port for charging if you don't like the thought of sticking Apple's pen into the iPad itself.