Logitech built a $49 digital crayon for the new iPad

There's also a rugged case combo to help tablets survive the classroom.

Apple's new starter iPad is designed to make drawing more accessible, but the $89-plus it takes to buy the official Pencil for that iPad is a lot to swallow for cash-strapped educators. That's where Logitech might help: it's introducing a $49 Crayon accessory for the new iPad that should put art and handwriting within the reach of more schools. It promises low lag, tilt support and sub-pixel precision with an 8-hour battery life, and won't need pairing to get started. The most glaring omission is the lack of pressure sensitivity -- this isn't for pros. Still, it's evident that Apple is comfortable allowing Pencil alternatives if it means getting more iPads into classrooms.

At the same time, Logitech is also readying a $99 Rugged Combo 2 case for the iPad that includes a detachable keyboard (powered by the iPad itself) and a slot for your stylus. This should both make the iPad feasible as a laptop and help it survive the inevitable tumble or two. That makes the iPad/Rugged Combo pairing decidedly pricier than a Chromebook (you can easily find educational Chromebooks under $300), but Apple and Logitech are no doubt betting that the touch-native interface will be worth it in some classes.

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