Recommended Reading: Brands are not your friend

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Billy Steele
B. Steele|09.08.18

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Rawpixel via Getty Images
Rawpixel via Getty Images

Why Comcast Sent Me Pizza
Ian Bogost,
The Atlantic

Brands -- well, #brands may be the more accurate term here -- do all sorts of things that seem like they're rewarding you, dear customer, for some action or loyalty. The Atlantic dives into how these acts of kindness and mountains (literally) of freebies almost always stem from an ulterior motive, especially when social media is part of the equation. Just because Comcast sends you a stack of pizzas, doesn't mean you're best pals.

The future of music festivals is... the internet?
Victor Luckerson,
The Ringer

Several big events were cancelled this year, leading to a number of questions about what the future holds. And that future may be broadcast on the internet for you to watch at home.

This group posed as Russian trolls and bought political ads on Google. It was easy.
Charlie Warzel,
BuzzFeed News

In the midst of a massive backlash that Google (and others) are facing over meddling, it's still too easy for the trolls to buy ads

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