Boring Company steers its latest machine with an Xbox controller

That's one way to make underground tunnels interesting.

The Boring Company, Twitter

It might not be all that exciting to dig tunnels, but The Boring Company may have a way of livening things up a bit: give the operators a gamepad. The Elon Musk-owned outfit has posted a video showing a test that used an Xbox One controller to steer the company's latest boring machine. It's not as riveting as using Xbox 360 controllers to steer submarine periscopes, but this is certainly one of the largest pieces of gamepad-guided machinery.

It's not hard to see why Boring Company developers would go this route. You can easily map PC-based controls to the Xbox One pad, and it takes care of many of the engineering and ergonomic concerns that would come with building controls from scratch. Our only question right now: could you dig tunnels a little bit faster by using an Elite controller?