SNK fighting series 'Samurai Shodown' is making a comeback on PS4

'Samurai Spirits' brings back one of the most iconic fighting series ever.

It's been ten years since the last genuinely new Samurai Shodown title has appeared. At Sony PlayStation's Tokyo Game Show warmup, we were treated to a brief teaser of a brand new game, Samurai Spirits, powered by the Unreal engine, and bringing the iconic beat-em-up to modern consoles -- namely the PS4.

The series can claim a place as one of the most revered 2D fighter games of the 90s, along with the likes of Street Fighter II and The King of Fighters -- even if it didn't quite keep up with game mechanic (and hardware) evolutions over the last few decades. (Interestingly, the teaser followed the latest trailer for Dead Or Alive -- a game roughly half the age of Samurai Shodown.)

For now, other details are scarce. It looks like the game will still play on a two-dimensional field, with a vibe reminiscent of how Street Fighter got its grove back in iterations 4 and 5. Think moody ink swipes and dramatic camera angles for all your best attacks. Expect to hear more in 2019. I just hope I can resurrect all that SS combo knowledge...