SoundCloud adds weekly personalized playlists

SoundCloud Weekly is based on your listening history.

SoundCloud announced today that it's releasing a weekly personalized playlist for its users. Updated every Monday, SoundCloud Weekly pulls music from the platform's millions of creators, which the company notes is "multiple times more than are featured in playlists on other streaming services." Like those from other services, such as Spotify's Discover Weekly, SoundCloud Weekly's tracks are determined by the creators and tracks users like, share and listen to the most. It follows the release of the daily mixes of new uploads the company launched last year.

"SoundCloud has the largest, most diverse music catalog ever assembled," SoundCloud CEO Kerry Trainor said in a statement. "SoundCloud Weekly draws from our global creator community to deliver a simple, personalized music experience that connects more creators with new listeners than ever before."

You can find SoundCloud Weekly at the top of the home screen when using the mobile app. You can also check it out on the web under the "Discover" tab.