SoundCloud’s redesigned app puts the focus on music discovery

The change comes after the service laid off 40 percent of its staff in July.

Today, SoundCloud launched a redesigned app that puts an emphasis on discoverability. It takes a page from Spotify, with a new home screen that has curated recommendations and personalized playlists to help listeners find their new favorite SoundCloud artists and albums. You can download the updated app today.

SoundCloud is focusing on personalizing playlists and spotlighting tracks and artists it thinks you will like, as well as highlighting both the latest album releases on the service and what's popular right now. You can also find Top 50 charts based on where you are in the world, plus dedicating more space to promoting emerging artists.

The move came after SoundCloud laid off 40 percent of its staff in July because it couldn't generate enough revenue to cover costs. But the service was determined to stay afloat, and was able to do so thanks to a new round of fundraising. This redesigned app is the first step to staying relevant in a competitive streaming music market.