Tesla offers 'immediate' Model 3 deliveries to boost sales numbers

You might get an EV right away, if you aren't picky.

Tesla is determined to burnish its Model 3 sales figures, and that means getting the EV into customers' hands as quickly as possible -- including through some unconventional methods. Electrek has learned that Tesla is emailing reservation holders promising "immediate delivery" of certain rear wheel drive Model 3s on a "first-come, first served basis." It's starting by pitching people with day one reservations, but it's widening the net on September 10th.

It's not certain how many cars Tesla can offer this way, although the company has been making batches of RWD Model 3 cars that weren't tailored to specific customers. It's clearly betting that some customers are willing to take a Model 3 right away, even if the configuration isn't exactly what they wanted.

This may be welcome news if you were otherwise faced with a months-long wait, especially if you were waiting for the $35,000 base model (due sometime in 2019) but could afford to spend extra. At the same time, it illustrates just how frantic Tesla is in its efforts to raise production and delivery numbers. It wants to show that the Model 3 is (or will be) profitable, and it's willing to forego the usual procedures to make that happen.