Apple's new iPhones won't include headphone adapters

The Lightning-to-3.5mm adapter will be available separately.
Nicole Lee
N. Lee|09.12.18

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Nicole Lee
September 12th, 2018
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Apple really doesn't want you to use wired headphones. It has not only discontinued all iPhones with a headphone jack (the 6 and 6s were the last ones) but also now won't bundle in a Lightning-to-3.5mm adapter like it did last year. That means you'll have to either use a pair of Bluetooth headphones for your music or use a pair of Lightning-connector earbuds. To those who do want to use their existing wired headphones, you'll have to cough up $9 for that headphone dongle, which you can still buy separately. I guess that's the cost of courage.

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