CareerBuilder is the latest to jump on the AR bandwagon

There's also a dash of AI resume building, because it's 2018.

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How do you spice up a job-finding app when many of them effectively do the same thing? By adding a few buzzword-laden features, apparently. CareerBuilder has launched a revamped iOS app (Android is coming in the "months ahead") where the centerpiece is an augmented reality job search. Think of it as resurrecting Nokia's JobLens -- you're supposed to point your phone at buildings to discover positions (and importantly, salaries) in the world around you. We could see this coming in handy once in a blue Moon when you're just dying to know what people make in a posh-looking office, but you probably aren't going to find a new job wandering around like a lost tourist.

And since this is 2018, CareerBuilder is throwing some AI into the mix. The app now has an AI-based resume builder that not only whips up a resume with a few taps, but can automatically apply to companies if you like. Future updates will include gamification (ugh) to earn points for taking some actions, including referring your friends.

The company is hanging its hat on more than trendy updates, thankfully. You can narrow job searches to very specific areas through map targeting, and find next-step-up jobs that will pay more with relatively little extra training. The new app might just help you find a new position sooner -- just don't expect to do it by waving your phone around.

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