The Gmail Offline Chrome app will disappear after December 3rd

The new Gmail UI has offline support built-in with PWA.

Offline access to our Gmail is a feature that has come, gone and changed before, and 2018 will be no different. While Google's announcement Wednesday that it will pull the plug on Inbox got a lot of the attention, it also revealed that the old Gmail Offline Chrome app would be pulled after December 3rd.

For an alternative, Google has prepared a native offline experience in its recent redesign of Gmail that syncs up to 90 days of emails and keeps everything listed in the same familiar interface. That means if you want offline access (useful for flights or other locations that combine dodgy WiFi with a possible need to pull up old messages) you will have to switch to the new experience -- we hope you like it.

Offline Gmail Chrome app

After Google axed its development of Gears (remember Google Gears?) in 2009, the Chrome app (above) arrived in 2011, bringing HTML5-powered access alongside an update to its still-brand-new Chrome OS platform. But as the years have rolled on, browser technology and security have progressed, so now Progressive Web Apps are the technology underpinning offline Gmail support in Chrome 61 or higher. Other than switching to the new experience, users will need to enable offline access in their settings, and if you have a school or work account, your G Suite admin may need to allow it as well.