Shopify offers iOS 12's AR features to its 600,000 stores

The ecommerce platform is taking advantage of Apple's AR Quick Look features.

iOS 12 made a lot of strides in terms of augmented reality, thanks to the addition of features like AR Quick Look. This allows users to place 3D objects using AR, and now ecommerce platform Shopify is taking advantage of the feature for everyday shoppers.

Using AR Quick Look, Shopify has been able to develop its own AR tools that allow small businesses using its platform to create 3D models of their products. Using Safari on an iOS 12 device, potential customers can then use AR to place these objects around their home or in the environment they will be used.

One of the 600,000 stores that runs on Shopify's online platform, PureCycles, is featured in the above video. The company is providing a toolkit to its stores, which includes help with 3D modeling products (because that is likely going to be the most challenging part of this process for small businesses).

It demonstrates exactly how Apple's new AR features can be utilized. It's notable both because Shopify is using the latest and greatest tech available from Apple, but also because it's making AR available and usable for small businesses that may not have the largest operating budget when it comes to tech and apps.