Sony's reborn Aibo robot is available for pre-order in the US

If you have the money, you can bring a robo-pup home.

Sony's relentlessly adorable Aibo robot is finally ready to return to American shores. After months of waiting, you can pre-order a First Litter Edition of the robo-pup in the US ahead of an expected mid-December ship date. You'll be spending a staggering $2,900 to play with the limited-run mechanical canine. The kit includes everything you'll need to get started, however -- you'll get a bone (sorry, aibone), a pink ball, paw pads and three years of AI cloud service to help Aibo learn.

This is the definition of a luxury product -- you really, really don't need an Aibo in your life. However, it's also a rare chance at both revisiting an iconic robot and experiencing what it's like to have an ever-evolving AI companion in your home. If you have the money burning a hole in your pocket and an insatiable curiosity, it might be worth a look.