Apple Music on Android Auto is available to everyone

It's now out of beta.

For those who'd rather diversify than remain loyal to one platform or brand, cross-platform support is a godsend. Apple Music, for instance, has finally rolled out an update that adds support for Android Auto, giving non-iPhone users a native in-car interface for the service. Cupertino first revealed the compatibility when it released a beta version of the music streaming service with Android Auto support back in August, but it was only available for those who sign up to be part of the app's beta testers.

Just like that beta version, the final update for Android devices also includes a handful of features first announced for iOS, including the ability to search for songs using their lyrics. The service's upgraded artist pages and Friends Mix, a playlist of songs your friends are listening to that Apple Music believes you'd love, also come bundled with the latest update. You can now get the upgraded software from Google Play -- just take note that you might have to update your Android Auto software, as well, so you can access Apple's service on the platform.