Apple Music will soon work with Android Auto

You'll also see lyrics searching and the Friends Mix.

Apple Music has been available for Android for most of the service's existence, but it doesn't exactly reach deep into the Android ecosystem. You can listen on your phone or tablet, and that's about it. Apple is opening up ever so slightly, though. The latest beta version of Apple Music for Android includes support for Android Auto, bringing a native in-car interface to non-iPhone users for the first time. You won't be browsing the "For You" section from your infotainment screen, but the playback controls you do get are easier and safer than reaching for your phone.

The test version also introduces some features coming to iOS 12 users, including lyrics searching, the Friends Mix and artist pages that let you quickly start personalized stations. There's no solid indication of when this will be available to all Android users. If you're willing to live with pre-release code, though, you can apply to join the beta group and download the beta if you get in.

This probably won't satisfy Android users who'd want considerably broader support, such as Google Cast streaming and native Assistant playback. It's nonetheless a start, and it makes Apple Music more of a viable option -- particularly in regions where it may be the only major streaming music service you can use in your car.