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Instagram may tidy up captions by hiding hashtags

It’s testing a feature that keeps hashtags separate.

Instagram appears to be testing a way to add hashtags to a post without having to include them in the caption itself. App researcher Jane Manchun Wong spotted the feature and tweeted a screenshot of an updated interface. In the image, you can see a new "Add Hashtags" section and a screen where you can search for and select hashtags to add to your post. Wong added that it appears, as of now, there is no limit to how many hashtags can be added with the new feature.

Wong also found that Instagram is testing a geofencing option, allowing users to choose the regions where they want their post or story to be available. This option could be particularly useful for brands while the hashtag feature would likely be welcomed by anybody irritated by seeing dozens of hashtags in an Instagram caption. However, it's always useful to keep in mind that these features are being tested and there's no guarantee they'll be implemented in the form they're in now or even at all.