Logitech's latest media keyboard is designed for your smart TV

The K600 can work with your PC or mobile devices, too.

There aren't many media keyboards devoted to smart TVs (they tend to be built for home theater PCs), but Logitech might have just given you another viable option. Its new K600 offers a compact keyboard-and-trackpad combo designed for modern smart TVs. You won't have to laboriously enter web addresses or search queries using just your remote. The K600 won't work with every model, but it covers popular LG, Samsung and Sony 4K sets from 2016 onward.

You don't have to use the keyboard with a TV. It's an otherwise standard Bluetooth peripheral, so you can connect it to Android, iOS, Mac and Windows devices -- a quick switch button can change the pairing on the spot. It's available now for $70, which might make it feasible if you like the thought of big-screen web browsing.