Tommy Wiseau's wonderfully terrible 'The Room' is free on YouTube (updated)

Oh hi, YouTube.

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Josh Brasted/Getty Images
Josh Brasted/Getty Images

You no longer have to go to a special screening (or track down bootlegs) to watch The Room. Tommy Wiseau has posted his so-bad-it's-good classic movie on YouTube for free in its entirety. If you've ever wanted to relive every "oh hi" moment or see Lisa tear Johnny apart one more time, you just have to fire up your web browser. The title hasn't been officially available online before, so this is likely your best chance to see what the fuss is about.

If you're new to the movie, the appeal is simple: it's a beautiful mess. The Room revolves around the ostensibly simple concept of a fractured relationship as Johnny (Wiseau) finds out that his fiancée Lisa is seducing his best friend Mark. The execution, however, is everything. It's best-known for its stilted dialogue, but there are also unfinished subplots, unconnected events, and other hallmarks of less-than-stellar productions. And people love it, to the point where James Franco produced the Oscar-winning The Disaster Artist as a tribute to the movie's strangely charming legacy. You might cringe, but you might also find yourself coming back for more.

Update 5/24/18 3:01PM ET: Well, it was. The video is currently unavailable (perhaps listed as private) now. Here's to hoping it comes back soon enough.

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