Try macOS Mojave's Dark Mode on these apps

Hit the Mac App Store and update your apps now.

It's been a few weeks since Apple announced that macOS Mojave would launch today -- in that time, many app developers have been at work getting their creations ready for the new OS. Probably one of the changes Mac users want to see first and foremost is support for Dark Mode. While it doesn't make any functional difference, it's a nice visual redesign that a lot of users might prefer to the older Mac UI. But apps that aren't updated stick out like a sore thumb -- so the faster key apps get updated, the better.

This list isn't comprehensive in the least, but we're keeping our eyes on the Mac App Store and Twitter to see what apps have been updated. Here's the first apps we've noticed so far, and there will surely be more to come. Keep your eyes on this post, as we'll add more as time goes on.

Day One

One of the best journaling apps for the Mac and iOS was just optimized for Mojave and Dark Mode. It looks particularly nice when viewing photos. The default text is bright white on black, and it doesn't look like you can make changes there just yet if you want something a little less bright.


Bear has always had a variety of light and dark themes for users who shell out for a subscription. Among other things, this week's update adds a new "dark graphite" theme that the app automatically switches to when you enable Dark Mode. Because Bear already supported multiple themes, though, you can use a lighter theme while your Mac is set to Dark Mode, or vice versa.


One of my favorite apps for project tracking and to-do lists, Things 3.7 came out today with Dark Mode support. Like Bear, Things lets you jump between its light and dark options regardless of what your Mac's overall theme is set to.

Omnifocus 3

Omnifocus has been one of the most feature-rich project management apps out there, and the third major revamp of the app just arrived today. Naturally, Dark Mode support is on board, but that's far from the only new feature. MacStories has an in-depth review if you're interested in learning more.

iA Writer

This distraction-free writing app already had night and day modes, but it was recently updated to support automatically switching between the two states, depending on what setting your Mac is on.

Fantastical 2

This is another well-recognized app in the Mac world, with good reason. It's probably the best third-party calendar option out there. As such, we're not surprised that Fantastical 2 is already compatible with Dark Mode.


It's tough out there for third-party email clients, but Spark is one of the more intriguing options on the App Store. It organizes your mail by personal, notifications and newsletters, similar to Google's Gmail categories, which lets you plow through different parts of your inbox quickly. Mojave support has just arrived, with Dark Mode included among a handful of other new features.

Airmail 3

Airmail's multi-pane view is extremely flexible, letting you use a unified inbox that you can reduce to a single column that sits on the side of your screen. You can also go big, with a full three-column view for accounts, messages and message content. Either way you go, it'll look at home in Dark Mode after today's update.