Amazon's NFL streams will feature an all-female commentary team

It's one of four options for 'Thursday Night Football' this season.

When Amazon starts streaming its latest round of Thursday Night Football on September 27th, you'll have a few options for commentary -- including one that breaks new ground in the broadcasting industry. The internet behemoth has announced that it will include an option for all-female audio commentary from veteran sports journalists Andrea Kremer (at left) and Hannah Storm. It's the first time two women commentators will cover an entire NFL game, Amazon said. While it's easy to be cynical about the move, it's definitely big news if you want a break from the usual play calling.

In addition to Kremer and Storm, you'll have choices of Fox Sports commentary (Joe Buck and Troy Aikman), a Spanish-language feed and even a UK English track for Brits who enjoy the other kind of football. If there's a limitation, it's that you'll only have these choices over the 11 games Amazon is offering between the 27th and December 13th. That's not a lot of time to get used to the commentary, especially if you're only interested in a handful of match-ups.