HP's voice-controlled Tango printer can be disguised as a book

Alexa, Cortana and Google can print from across the room.

Printers haven't really kept up with the times. Sure, you can print from your phone, but the devices aren't built for an always-connected world -- and let's be honest, more than a few of them are eyesores that can feel like '90s throwbacks. HP believes it can do better. Its newly unveiled Tango lets you print from wherever you are, and takes smart speaker commands from Alexa, Cortana and Google Assistant. If you'd like to print your calendar, you don't have to fire up an app or walk across the room. An Instant Ink service can automatically order new ink when you run low, too, potentially sparing you an unexpected trip to the office supply store.

Moreover, this is a printer that you might be comfortable putting on display. Tango isn't a stunner by itself, but you can add book-like linen and cork covers that help it fit into your home -- yes, the cover-tech-in-cloth trend has spread to printers. You won't really fool anyone into thinking it's anything other than a block of plastic and silicon (despite HP's photos suggesting the contrary), but it should blend into your decor more elegantly than a typical inkjet.

The Tango ships this October in both a plain $149 model and a $199 Tango X model that includes the cover. You'll also have the option of buying covers after the fact.

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