Two classic 'Castlevania' games arrive on PS4 in October

'Rondo of Blood' and 'Symphony of the Night' can be yours for $20.

Today, Sony announced that two classic Castlevania titles are coming to the PlayStation 4. Castlevania Requiem will bundleS ymphony of the Night and Rondo of Blood. They will available in the online store starting one month from now, on October 26th, for $20.

These two Castlevania games have won heaps of praise over the years; Rondo of Blood was originally a Japan exclusive and provided non-stop side-scrolling action. Symphony of the Night built on that foundation, adding RPG elements to make it a fan favorite game across the decades. The original games have been emulated for the PS4 in their new form, with 1080p and 4K upscaling and different rendering options.