Dish adds dual tuners to AirTV Player through an adapter

It can finally record and stream two channels at the same time.

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Jon Fingas
September 27th, 2018

Dish's AirTV Player is an intriguing mix of an over-the-air player with streaming services, but that single tuner has made it difficult to recommend if you want to both record and watch live broadcasts. You won't have to make that compromise from now on, though, if you're willing to pay. The company has launched a dual tuner adapter that enables simultaneous recording and viewing, or recording for two channels if there are two must-see shows you're going to miss.

You can buy the adapter by itself for $29, or as part of a bundle with the AirTV Player for $119. If you don't need the dual tuner support, you're in for a minor treat as well. You now get the single tuner adapter for the same $99 price as the old internet-only kit. If you are content to rely exclusively on streaming sources, the Player sells for a reduced $89.

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