'House of Cards' teaser previews Claire's battle with nearly everyone

It's her house now, and she's determined to fight for it.

Netflix has followed its brief peek at House of Cards' final season with a larger teaser, and we now know how Claire Underwood will handle the presidency with Frank out of the picture: by fighting for it every step of the way. This latest preview shows Claire remaking the White House under her rules, telling people that Frank's promises don't count under her tenure and that they shouldn't believe anything her late husband said. Not that it's likely to deter others. More than a few former associates come out of the woodwork to challenge Claire, including former Chief of Staff Doug Stamper.

The season arrives November 2nd. It's still too soon to say how well House of Cards has handled Kevin Spacey's removal, especially in light of complaints that the show declined in its last season or two. However, it's evident that the creators want to acknowledge the series' past rather than trying to make a complete break.